Alors, les gagnants sont :


111 : Karine
70 : Claire
82 : Marylou
76 : Jay
135 : Océane
42 : Anne-Laure
138 : Dan
120 : Mélanie
136 : Claire
57 : Roxane


Merci de m'envoyer votre adresse postale au plus vite ...




Bravo et encore merci à Marie-Laure :o)


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A bunch of red roses for the winners who have strived hard to win the completion. Karine was my close friend and we have had joined the high school together. After that we left the so called keep-in-touch habit and thus I am seeing her now in the position of a winner. So happy for you sweety!!!

titou 21/04/2013 14:28

 ,B R A V O.............. bisous bisous TITOU..........

Maryloup 21/04/2013 09:18

you ouh ouh !

AnneLaure 21/04/2013 07:10

Trop contente !!!!!

Globox 21/04/2013 02:41



Nouveau site d'infos cherchant a se faire connaitre,


Merci beaucoup.